The aim of this action is to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from your event. While we covered this with vendors in Action 1, you will need to provide additional support to enable this action to be achieved. We recommend the following steps. 

1  include a ban on single use plastic water bottles in your event policy

As water bottles can represent a revenue source for vendors, relying on voluntary action can cause problems with those that choose not to comply gaining a financial advantage over those that do. Creating a level playing field from the start and providing vendors with the opportunity to sell reusable water bottles (see step 3) will help to avoid these issues. 

We also recommend that you include in your policy a requirement that other single-use drink containers are captured close to 100% and sent for recycling, preferably through the Return & Earn Scheme.


We have created a template event policy around our plastic free program you can use, and alter the wording as required.

2  provide a water van or station

This step is vital and luckily easy to achieve. 


You can access portable water stations for your event through We Refill. Their portable units simply connect to a tap water source and deliver on 5 sides with a maximum flow rate of 1000 ltr per hr providing filtered chilled, room temp and sparkling options. Your visitors can purchase a day hydration pass or multi day passes. You can request a hydration station here.

If you are a smaller event or market, other water sources could include: 

  • Providing pitchers of water and reusable cups, possibly through your food vendors

  • Glass bottles where appropriate 

  • Water stations set up with water containers 

  • Use of bubblers or permanent council water refill stations, if available at the venue

  • At the bar, if your event has one

3  provide reusable water bottles or cups to patrons 

It is important that reusable options are available for your patrons to borrow or buy, especially for larger, outdoor events. 

One option is to sell water bottles, or ask your vendors to sell them. You can source and brand your own water bottles if you like, these can be sold at the entrance or near water stations, and/or be provided cheaply to vendors to on-sell for a profit to them. Another solution is to simply invite an organisation like Surfrider Foundation along to to have a stall and sellsell their water bottles, which will help their cause and make it easy for you. ​

If you are running a large event, you could consider instigating a program of reusable cups or water bottles which can be provided to your patrons with a refundable deposit, which they can choose to then keep as a moment or return to get their deposit back (there are organisations like Globelet who can provide this service and take back returned cups, they can even brand the cups).