Plastic water bottles constitute the second largest single-use plastic item found in our environment. We think working together, we can stop this. And it doesn't mean you have to stop selling water - just stop selling it in plastic!

Glass is a good choice, it is an inert material and recyclable. More importantly, if it escapes into the environment, it generally doesn't harm the environment. Just be aware that many water bottles, even glass, have hidden plastics. Check out our factsheet to help you make a good choice.

Below you can find information on local suppliers that offer good plastic free water options, making the switch easy while at the same time making a big impact on the planet. 

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Aqua Botanical

Here is an elegant water solution for businesses to stock their fridge with. This unique mineral water is award winning, Australian, comes in a classy glass package and best of all, harvests and purifies the naturally occurring water content from Australian fruit & vegetables. 


Order from local distributor Mathias on 0404 406 061 or 

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Split Rock

Splitrock believes that providing good quality products and first class service significantly contributes to the quality of life, and accepts its responsibility to respect the environment in the provision of these benefits. Providing both still and sparkling water options. 

Contact Shelly on 0403 028 180 or

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Spring & Grove

Here is a family owned beverage company who are committed to providing a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative. Naturally flavoured sparkling waters made from pure Australian spring water, 100% natural, free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives & attractively packaged in glass. 

Contact Karen on 0424 339 853 or

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OK, they are from New Zealand but lets not split hairs. This is a great product. Antipodes became the world’s first and still the only mineral water to be carboNZero certified. From its source, to any dining table in the world, this water leaves behind absolutely no carbon footprint.

Contact Shelly on 0403 028 180 or

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Jacobs Well Noosa

Jacob’s Well Noosa are 100% committed to producing the finest water solely in glass bottles, not compromising on the integrity of their business, product nor their stance on the environment. Let's make a stance together and ensure communities around Australia and the world only buy glass bottled water.

Contact Jamie on 1300 971 303 or